Prairie Fire is a boutique CGI and retouching studio that specializes in giving reality a boost without losing its authenticity.
Our scalable team is able to meet any challenge or customization that a project proposes.
As problem solvers, we understand each mission’s obstacles; we have the tools and skill to climb boulders, move mountains, form clouds, make it rain, and turn day to night.
Our laid-back approach lends space for creating atmosphere and accuracy from raw assets and product data to any vision.

Marc Medrich

Director of Digital Media

Bringing over 20 years of experience in CGI and photo retouching, Marc became immersed in computer animation from Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies and his work in automotive photography. When not hunkered in the studio, Marc is out sourcing all things Tiki and making campfires in remote places while capturing more photography for his cache.

Erik Rambo

Director of Visual Effects

With over 25 years of experience in CGI, retouching and photography following his Lansing, MI commercial photography studies, Erik finds the next best thing to hiking and snowboarding is gauging his adventures from behind the lens.